16 May

Start of 5S in Printing – Key 1

The start of rolling out a LEAN program in Vanderbijl DTPthis week. Part of the project is implementing 5S’ s in the DTP section. The first photo shows the team starting to reorganise their work space. They have already cleared out clutter and demarcated their equipment, installed notice boards to manage their actions lists and started categorising their ink stock. Their latest 5S audit shows an improvement in their workspace of 45% after 2 days. Fantastic job gents…and we have only just started.


Second picture shows the start of the red tag process on the printing line.IMG_0213 The second photo shows the start of the RED TAG exercise on a printing line. Sipho shows how the operators have highlighted faults to be corrected by the maintenance team during their routine maintenance program. Next week is the start of Quick Changeover program where the teams will design their own process maps and best practice.