About AfriLean

AfriLean Consulting focuses on the practical implementation of World Class Processes and Systems (LEAN) aimed at empowering people to reduce non-value adding activities giving them time to focus on continuous improvement ideas. These process and systems have been tested and delivered increased earnings and performance in over 36 companies and plants in Africa and Europe.

Mark Fuller has over 20 years coaching experience in helping companies create new opportunities and maximise performance in their sales and marketing divisions through refining their strategy and re focusing their business model. This has included recruiting, remuneration, budgeting and pricing systems, team development and performance management. Mark has also consulted to companies in Africa and Europe focusing on improving operational performance and reducing waste through practically implementing WCMS initiatives and workshops such as SMED, 5S’s, B2B and TPM. Mark’s Masters Dissertation was based on the effective implementation of processes in businesses and his PHD on self empowerment through QUANTUM thinking.

The AfriLean team consists of specialists who have extensive experience in coaching and the practical implementation of LEAN processes and systems. Their ‘hands- on’ approach has realised substantial benefits relating to productivity improvement and company morale.