Your Success

Your success is based on our ability to deliver the right LEAN solution, on time and in budget. Each project is specifically adapted so as to meet the goals set. AfriLean measures your success by not only meeting the goals set but ensuring that the solutions are sustainable. That is the reason we focus most of our attention on motivating people. Motivated people will always ‘go the extra mile’.

Our Team

Unlike many other consultancies we consider the people we work with as part of our team. AfriLean’s aim with every intervention is to empower the people we work with to lead and train others to continuously improve on the initiatives implemented. With the right motivation people will take ownership and really start to shine in their workplace.

Our Solutions

AfriLean solutions are designed to be practical, easy to understand, easy to implement and above all be able to offer a measurable return on investment. LEAN solutions are adapted for each individual team and business requirement.