World Class Audit

In order for businesses to begin their ‘World Class Manufacturing and Services’ (WCMS) journey companies need to identify their current position benchmarked against local and international standards.

Audits are used to identify ‘quick wins’ and focus improvement areas.

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    • WCMS audits are conducted over two (2) days covering 14 elements from goal clarity to operations and performance. The process involves interview with all employees at all levels and a workplace inspection. The result is a laminated report which includes interview and inspection findings supported by photographs,  gap analysis and action list based on ‘best practice’ and identifying ‘quick wins’ and continuous improvement ideas. The report and video is presented to all stakeholders during the feedback session. elements covered are:
      • Goal clarity
      • Customer focus
      • Use of information
      • Team functioning
      • TPM
      • Workplace organisation
      • Supplier relationships
      • Safety
      • Training and development
      • Employee empowerment and ownership
      • Rewards and recognition
      • Management support
      • Communication
      • Performance results


    • Cost of Non-Conformance (CONC) audits quantify areas of non-conformance by department and using the Parato principle indicates corrective actions required for the greatest improvement and most immediate reduction in waste.


    • TPM readiness survey focuses on TPM specific areas and prioritises the type of activities required during a TPM intervention. This forms part of the planning phase of the process and is repeated at various points during the full intervention.


  • Plant Maintenance Audit is used to create a benchmark for organisations wanting to compete at international levels of manufacturing competitiveness.